These days diabetes is one of the common health issues that most people are facing. Even if you see these days many young generations are also getting the victim of this illness. If we talk about the statistics then you’ll amazed to see the data:India has 87M Diabetics which is close to 1/4th of the total US population.Considering Pre-Diabetics & undetected cases this figures alarmingly rises to around 150M which > 1/3rd of global diabetic populationIf we see the statistics then you’ll find the data is bigger in number and it’s not going to stop here only. These numbers are growing rapidly with the number of new patients added every new day.So here are some common tips to avoid while measuring blood sugar

Never Use Alcohol As A Sanitizer

The first advice is never to use alcohol on your fingertip as a sanitizer because the drying action of alcohol can hurt while needle pricks. So always avoid alcohol as a sanitizer and always use clinical spirit.

Never Lick Your Fingers 

Never lick your fingers before doing a test or to take out for a strip because it’ll show you increased diabetes symptoms. For an example – “ Just a few minutes back you have ate an orange and now you’re doing your sugar level test” In that case it’s not your sugar level will count – it’s your orange level tested. So always try to clean your fingertip with cotton wool before doing your test. 

Try To Use Different Spots

It’s always advisable to use your different fingers every time while doing your blood sugar measurement because it’ll build up callus and reduce discomfort on that spot. Next time whenever you do your blood sugar always use your different fingertips. 

Quality Strips 

Always use manufacturer-recommended strips because using poorly or local strips will results in  inaccurate readings. 

Maintain Timing 

While taking your blood sugar always try to maintain or follow some timely routines. So let’s understand what are they:

  1. For postprandial sugar test, try to always conduct it two hours after completing a meal. 
  2. For fasting blood sugar test, it should be done only 10 hours after a meal. 

These are some basic and important tips that we all have to follow for avoiding any blood sugar mistakes.