Cureos - Holistic Approach

Cureos is a team of experienced doctors, clinics, techies, seasoned entrepreneur and Healthcare professionals coming together on a mission to support and help people with Diabetes, using innovative tools and techniques, enabling them to live a better quality life.

Our aim is also to empower practicing physicians and Diabetologistswith the State of the art Clinic management ecosystem ensuring better patient care, research opportunities, real world evidence and enhance clinical outcomes for them.


To become largest, most reputed and trusted brand of Diabetes Clinics in the country, recognised for clinical excellence, innovation and empathetic care.


To improve the diabetes healthcare quality in India along with the creation of an ecosystem of diabetes management. In order to support best-in class diagnostic and technology for integrated care.


To create an integrated healthcare system for diabetes along with promotion and prevention of the disease. We aim to ensure the quality care and service that set standards.