Always try to manage your sugar level under control because it’ll help you to prevent Nerve, Heart and Foot Problems. As we all know this is one of the most common lifestyle diseases that everyone faces. If we talk about the current stats then 5 % of the Indian population is suffering from diabetes and it’s predicted by International Federation Diabetes that this number will soar to 123million by 2040.Now let’s find out what are some common tips that we all can follow to avoid diabetes complications. 


From a very young age, we all have heard about this simple phrase i.e “Health Is Wealth”, but still we might not execute this in our daily life. Always try to do some daily exercises that will help you to prevent being overweight.

Manage Carbohydrates:

Always try to manage or track your carbohydrates because it’ll help you to manage your blood sugar level. So, always try to know what you’re eating and how often you’re eating this will help you to prevent from diabetes. 

Manage Stress

Always try to manage your stress because most of the doctors always recommend staying happy and joyful. As stress is one of the major factors for suffering from diabetes, that’s why we should always avoid overthinking.
The one of the best solutions to avoid stress is to start doing meditation for approximately 15 minutes everyday.

Get Enough Sleep

This habit is one of the simplest and can be done by anyone. You don’t need to put some extra effort for this, just need some pillow below your head and warm covers that’s it. So always try to get enough sleep, as per the research and report the standard sleep that common person need is always 8 hours.


It’s always recommended to see your doctors at least once a year. Make sure to test your all Vitals, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Foot Exams and Screenings to update. These vital records will always help you to prevent from other diseases. These are some of the general tips that we all can follow and prevent us from the diabetes disease. And one of the best tips to prevent from any kind of disease is – “Regular Exercise”.