Diabetes is a condition that occurs after increasing the blood glucose level in the body as the blood glucose is our prime source of energy, which we obtained after taking the meal. Here it’s worth important the pancreas is the gland that is responsible for the release of insulin hormone. In this section, we’ll discuss […]

What are the Effects of Type 1 Diabetes on Pregnant Women

It’s said that being a mother is the best feeling in the world. Here we would like to point out that type 1 diabetes can lead to infertility and other complications for women. Let’s see the effects of type 1 diabetes on pregnant women. If we take care of this problem, then there are good […]

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Diabetes is not a new name for us; we are all aware of diabetes and its different types. There are three types of diabetes conditions – i.e. Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational diabetes. In this section, we’ll talk a brief about gestational diabetes and its symptoms. According to the latest record, there are 422 […]


Yes, it’s a fact if a person is losing weight unintentionally, then it could be a warning sign of diabetes. When we see the symptoms of diabetes, we find that weight loss is one of the prime symptoms. A slow, intentional weight loss is good, but if it’s occurring without nutritional change or exercise, then […]


Today, across the world the diabetes cases are rising sharply, where around 422 million people have diabetes. Most of us know, and a few don’t actually know what is diabetes? So, here we are going to discuss diabetes. We should be careful about diabetes treatment if we are aware of diabetes. Cureos diabetes clinic is […]


Type 2 Diabetes patients can not eat sweets They can enjoy all kinds of food in moderation. Key is to have very small portion of sweet and save it for special occasions. People with type 2 Diabetes should consult our Dieticians to follow well designed meal plans which can regulate their blood sugar while they […]


These days diabetes is one of the common health issues that most people are facing. Even if you see these days many young generations are also getting the victim of this illness. If we talk about the statistics then you’ll amazed to see the data:India has 87M Diabetics which is close to 1/4th of the […]


Always try to manage your sugar level under control because it’ll help you to prevent Nerve, Heart and Foot Problems. As we all know this is one of the most common lifestyle diseases that everyone faces. If we talk about the current stats then 5 % of the Indian population is suffering from diabetes and […]