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Cureos Diagnostics is a diagnostic arm of Cureos Diabetes Clinics which provides various blood and non-blood tests, Retinal (Eye) Examination, Nerve Testing, Cardiac Tests, etc. Inside the premise of Cureos Clinics and at the comfort of patients home.

  • NABL Accredited Pathology Lab
  • Home Sample Collection
  • Latest equipments and technology
  • Reviewed by experts
  • Guideline Based Approach

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Retinal Examination

Every 8th Diabetic patient is suffering from Eye Disease and 2 out of 100 Diabetes Patients are Blind because of Diabetes. As per the guidelines Every Diabetic should check their Eyes Once in a year

Online Diabetes Test

Pathology Lab Testing

It is adviced to check your body organs frequently if you've Diabetes. These tests would check your Liver, Kidneys, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Vitamin B12 & D, Hemoglobin, Blood counts, Iron levels, Urine infection and protein levels.

Diabetes Test Online

Foot Examination

Every 4th Diabetes Patient in India has some form of Diabetic Foot Ulcer, which can be prevented if diagnosed early. ABI and Foot Examination helps in detecting blood circulation to both legs to predict chances of developing foot problems

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Nerve Testing

Half of the Diabetes Patients have burning or numbness of foot. Early Detection of Nerve Disease prevents development of further complications. Nerve Testing should be done annually

Diabetes Test Online

Cardiac Testing

Chances of developing Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy increases with increasing age and its development increase chances of becoming heart patient by five fold. It's early detection is very important to prevent serious heart complications.

Online Diabetes Test

Other Important Tests

There are other important tests are carried out with the help of innovative tools and techniques.

How It Works

It works in 3 easy steps

 Diabetes Test Online
Register yourself online/offline with our Nearby Clinic
Diabetes Test Online
Visit our clinic or Call 9005-9005-92 and book a lab test
Diabetes Test Online
Onsite test done or Home Sample collected

Frequently Asked Qestions

1. How do I Register myself with Cureos Network?

You have to only call @ 9005-9005-92 or visit our Nearby Clinic to register yourself with our nearest available Doctor. Registration is free

You can pay cash, online or at the clinic

You and your doctor will receive a soft copy of the reports through e-mail or WhatsApp

All the pathology tests are conducted by NABL Accredited Lab which itself is a benchmark for quality testing. And other tests are all conducted by trained personnels on highly sophisticated equipments

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