What are the Effects of Type 1 Diabetes on Pregnant Women

It’s said that being a mother is the best feeling in the world. Here we would like to point out that type 1 diabetes can lead to infertility and other complications for women. Let’s see the effects of type 1 diabetes on pregnant women. If we take care of this problem, then there are good chances of having a normal conception, pregnancy, and birth. Cureos diagnostic team is always ready to help you to control diabetes during pregnancy & advise you at every stage of pregnancy either it’s before or after.

Pregnancy Risks Associated with type 1 diabetes

In case you have type 1 diabetes then there could be following risk involved

High Blood Pressure  (Preeclampsia)

High blood pressure can affect the heart health of the mother and baby, where women with high blood pressure will have protein in their urine, swelling in fingers. And sometimes it can cause the early birth of a baby, as well as stroke. Women with type 1 diabetes have higher blood pressure as compared to normal women.


Low blood glucose level can be fatal and produces negative effects on the body, where it can cause fatigue as well as weakness. If a pregnant woman has a low blood glucose problem, then she must take care of it and must watch blood closely regularly. If it’s not treated well, then there could be the possibility of having low blood sugar in the baby after birth.

C- Section (Cesarean Section)

This is quite a common problem among women with type 1 diabetes, and the chances of C-section to deliver the baby become necessary.  After C-section delivery, it takes too much time to recover from childbirth.

Early Birth

In case the blood sugar level is not controlled then it can lead to premature birth, which further can create problems for the baby. This can lead to breathing issues, bleeding into the brain, heart problems, vision problems in the baby. Women with type 1 diabetes have greater chances of premature delivery of a baby as compared to a normal woman who doesn’t have blood sugar level.

Miscarriage  & Still Birth

Miscarriage & stillbirth can occur due to several causes, however, type 1 diabetes can be one of the causes. If high blood glucose level during the pregnancy is not under control then there could be the possibility of having a miscarriage. In case of stillbirth, the baby dies within the womb after the 20 weeks. Therefore it’s advisable to control the blood glucose level.

Symptoms of Diabetes During Pregnancy

If you have the following symptoms during the pregnancy then you should be careful in regards to diabetes. As it’s an early sign of controlling diabetes so as to avoid the risks associated with diabetes (Type 1). Let’s have a close look at symptoms of diabetes.

Excessive thirst and frequent Urination 

It’s important to note down that there are chances of having excessive thirst and urination. However these fall under the category of common symptoms which could be associated with non-diabetic patients as well.


The woman feels more fatigue during the pregnancy if she has type 1 diabetes

Blurred vision as well as Unexplained Weight Loss 

These two factors are very important. There are chances of weight loss unintentionally where insufficient insulin inhibits the body’s ability to get glucose from the blood. In such a situation, the body begins to burn fat and muscle for energy, which further can cause the overall body’s weight. Patients can also have blurred vision if the blood sugar level is high.

Besides above there are chances of more hunger, skin infections, a slower rate of healing of wounds, and cuts.

Diabetes symptoms after pregnancy

We have seen the symptoms of diabetes during the pregnancy, now let’s discuss in brief about the symptoms after pregnancy.

Blood sugar level – There could be chances of low to high or high to low blood sugar level. And this can produce adverse effects on your health, therefore it’s important to monitor the sugar levels regularly after the delivery.

Depression – Postpartum blues or depression after pregnancy are common among women who have type 1 diabetes. And this can produce a negative effect on the normal blood sugar level.

Fatigue – Even after the delivery, it’s very common to have fatigue as the sugar level in the woman’s body remains high /low. So, it should be worth it to be relaxed and chill.

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