Yes, it’s a fact if a person is losing weight unintentionally, then it could be a warning sign of diabetes. When we see the symptoms of diabetes, we find that weight loss is one of the prime symptoms.

A slow, intentional weight loss is good, but if it’s occurring without nutritional change or exercise, then it could be associated with diabetes which can result in reducing the “insulin resistance”. Unexplained weight loss generally occurs in Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes. In such a situation glucose is unable to enter into the cell, therefore no utilization of energy. This causes unexplained weight loss even if the patient takes a heavy diet. Here, it should be worth noting that weight is determined by several factors such as age, diet or calorie intake, etc. If the weight loss occurs continuously, then, we should take a precautionary step. We should go for a diabetes check-up.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease which refers to the increase in the blood glucose level in the body. In fact, blood glucose is the prime source of energy, which comes after eating the food. And the hormone insulin is helpful for utilizing this source of energy. 

There are mainly two types of diabetes: Type 1 & Type 2

Type 1 Diabetes:- Type 1 generally happens due to the damage of the pancreas (beta cells). In this type of diabetes, the pancreas is unable to make insulin and due to this glucose is unable to enter into the cell for use as energy. In such conditions, people need to use insulin injections in order to control the blood glucose level. This diabetes occurs mainly among the people of age group 30.

Type 2 Diabetes:- In this type of diabetes, the pancreas makes insulin but not in enough amounts. People who are 40 years old or above have greater chances of Type 2 diabetes. However, it could be in childhood. Type 2 can be effectively controlled by diet, weight management, and exercise. It’s treated by oral glucose-lowering medications or by taking insulin injections.

Diabetes Symptoms

If you encounter the following signs of diabetes, then there could be chances of having diabetes. Diabetes symptoms include increased thirst, appetite, more urination, and unintentional weight loss. Besides this, there are other symptoms such as weak and blurred vision, numbness, and slow healing of cuts or sores.

Causes of Unexplained Weight Loss

Here we are going to discuss the unexplained weight loss causes, which generally occur by a number of factors including the various types of medication, depression and diabetes. As we have told you that if we go for weight loss by intention then it’s good, but if we have weight loss unintentionally then it’s problematic. Now, it needs to explain that there are chances of dehydration of a diabetic patient due to frequent urination. And this causes weight loss.

Certain diseases and factors can be the cause of weight loss, such as addison’s disease, cancer, coeliac disease, dementia, depression, diabetes mellitus, medicine, and chemotherapy drugs, etc.

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