Event of COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we were doing business, shopping, travel, entertainment, etc.

But the most profound effect this had is on Doctor-Patient Interaction. In this changing scenario Cureos in association with Medeva is launching a Virtual Clinic to facilitate and strengthen Doctor-Patient relationship and at the same time maintaining the necessary standards of confidentiality, data protection, and regulatory requirements.

  • - Completly secured Audio Video interaction of Doctor and Patient over mobile phone or laptop enabled without downloading any new App
  • - Online secured payment gateway and appointment system
  • - Dynamic EMR to create meaningful & analyzable data of interaction
  • - Facilitating Home collection of Blood/Urine samples prescribed
  • - Conducting basic tests like ECG, Retinoscopy, Nerve Testing, etc at home
  • - Home delivery of cost-effective medicines prescribed by Doctor
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