Type 2 Diabetes patients can not eat sweets

They can enjoy all kinds of food in moderation. Key is to have very small portion of sweet and save it for special occasions. People with type 2 Diabetes should consult our Dieticians to follow well designed meal plans which can regulate their blood sugar while they been able to enjoy the food they like.

Diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar

Development of Diabetes has no relation with sugar consumption. It is not yet concluded what triggers onset of Diabetes but both environmental and genetic factor plays role

Diabetes patients should not participate in athletic activities

Regular exercise controls blood sugar and helps in improving overall fitness and reducing risk of development of heart disease. Many famous athletes across all the sports are diabetics

Insulin is addictive and body would depend on insulin once it started

Nobody can addicted to insulin it’s your body natural substance. In Diabetes It’s your body which is not able to produce insulin on its own and you have to depend on it.

Insulin is the last resort

Early treatment with insulin prevents development of multiple complications of Diabetes. It’s only reluctance of the patients because of which it’s pushed to the last stage.

Diabetics should not eat potatoes, rice and bread

These foods are rich in starch but they can also be the part of healthy meal plan, their portion size is important. With right blend of carbs, fats and protein in the diet you can manage your blood sugar