Cureos Diabetes Management Clinic

Cureos Diabetes Clinics

Cureos is the name synonymous with "Cure with Care". We strive to attain excellence in management of Diabetes and to be recognized as the most affordable, reachable & reliable brand for patients of Diabetes in India

All our clinics are equipped with most latest and advanced technology and tools managed by trained and qualified Healthcare professionals working under the guidance of Senior Diabetologists

Our clinics have created a complete ecosystem around outpatient management of Diabetes with evidence based and data driven approach following national and international guidelines of Diabetes Management

  • Team Based approach for Impactful Clinical Outcome
  • Preventive & Empathetic Care
  • Personalised Medicine
  • Clinic @ Home Support
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Diabetes Education and Management Programs

Our Approach

Diabetes Can Be Reversed

Diabetes is a disease but with unorganized management this can be converted into a group of disorders. We are using individualized approach through a team of experts to work towards reversal of Diabetes.

Our aim is to bring down average HbA1c level of our country to the safer levels and engaging patients and their families in overall management of their disease. Our extensive focus on education, training and research in addition to Nutritional and Medicinal treatment of our patients helps bringing health & happiness in their lives

Clinic @ Home

Cureos mobile app covers almost all aspects of outdoor patient management at the comfort of his home or on the go
Diabetes Management Online Consultation

Follow Up Advice

In case of your busy routin, you can pay and take your scheduled follow up consultation with your treating doctor over the call

Nutritional consultation

You can schedule your nutritional Consultation through the mobile over the call or through chat to keep a close tab on your prescribed dietary routine and to manage your food excursions and cheat meals.

Remote monitoring

Your treating doctor can pre-define some parameters which needs to be monitored on daily basis and require stringent monitoring and charting in your mobile app through which he will receive real time updates on any critical outliers to take timely decision or revisit if required

Home Healthcare

You can book lab tests for you and any of your family member through the app with the facility of home sample collection and updation of test results on your app and to your treating doctor. You can also order and refill medicine with the comfort getting it delivered at home

Disease Updates

You will receive regular updates on new developments, do's and don'ts, prevailing myths, dietary and treatment notifications and other disease related updates. Also you can online webinars, lectures and classes on diet management, weight management and disease control.

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